Tournament Alumni

MCYSA Alumni Who Played in the MLB

Tournament Year Player State/Country
1994 Vernon Wells Texas
1994 Jason Werth Illinois
1995 Corey Patterson Georgia
1998 Brian McCann Georgia
1998 Micah Owings Georgia
2000 Mark Melancon Colorado
2000 Ian Kennedy California
2001 Nick Adenhart Maryland
2003 Drew Storen Indiana
2003 D.J. LeMahieu Wisconsin
2003 Travis Snider Washington
2004 Elliott Soto Illinois
2005 Nick Martini Illinois
2007 Connor Sadzeck Illinois
2007 Andrew Toles Georgia
2007 Kevin Kaczmarski Illinois
2008 Jorge Lopez Puerto Rico
2009 Jacksel Rios Puerto Rico
2010 Andrew Benintendi Ohio
2010 Eloy Jimenez Dominican Republic
2012 Luiz Gohara Brazil
2012 Daz Cameron Georgia
2014 Heliot Ramos Puerto Rico

MCYSA Alumni Who Were First Round MLB Draft Picks

Tournament Year Player State & Team
2016 Heliot Ramos Puerto Rico, selected by the San Francisco Giants
2016 Quinn Priester Illinois, selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates

Other Notable MCYSA Alumni

Tournament Year Player Notable Facts
2004 Brian Bulaga NFL- Offensive Lineman with Packers & Chargers
2007 Ozney Guillen Son of Ozzie Guillen, White Sox player and manager
2008 Miles Boykin NFL- Wide Receiver for Baltimore Ravens

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