MCYSA Rainout Policy

The tournament director reserves the right to adjust the game schedules to accommodate rainouts and other scheduling conflicts.

  1. Should weather cause an event to be completely canceled having played no games, all teams will receive a full entrance fee Reimbursement less $100 to cover costs.
  2. Should just one game be played before an event is canceled, due to weather, a refund will be issued for 40% of the value the participating team paid to play in the event.

*There will be no refunds after the start of each teams’ second game
*If a team elects to leave before playing a rescheduled game then they forfeit any potential refund.
*We will make every effort to play all games scheduled.


The MCYSA is governed by National League rules (OBR), with the exception of the following MCYSA rules:

Rules Applying to all Series:

  1. Pitching Rule/ Conferences 1 per pitcher per inning. Once removed from the mound, the pitcher cannot return to pitch in that game.  This does not apply to a pitcher being pinch hit for or pinch/courtesy run for.
  2. Federation Re-entry Federation rule; starters may re-enter once (in the same lineup slot); once a sub is removed from the game, he is done for that game.  Pitchers removed cannot under any circumstances be reinserted into the pitching position, but can re-enter in another defensive position.
  3. Slaughter Rule Not optional. All divisions…15 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5.
  4. Extra Player Rule (Rule 8.03.D.1(b)): The EH is an add’l player in the batting order and may be used anywhere in the lineup.
  5. EH is interchangeable with defensive positions – substitution rules apply. Consider this position as F10.
  6. Use of the EH is Optional, but must be declared on the lineup card.
  7. If utilized, and the EH spot becomes vacated and there is no legal sub (exp. Injury or illness), an automatic out will be declared when that spot arises in the order.
  8. 8 Player Lineup (Rule 8.03.E) Teams may start a game and play with an eight player lineup. An out shall be declared for the ninth position in the batting order each turn at bat.
  9. Rule 8.03.D.1(c): Any player arriving after the game has started will be added to the bottom of the lineup.
  10. Safety Rules (Rule 8.04.D): No malicious contact…runner must avoid contact rather than taking player out (Pen:  Runner is out AND ejected if deemed malicious).  The Federation Force Play Slide rule is in effect.  The runner must slide directly into the base with his entire body. The runner may not make contact with the fielder beyond the base.
  11. Intentional Walk: Dead Ball; Umpire awards base and no pitches are thrown.
  12. Speedup Rules (Rule 8.04.B):  Optional courtesy runners for the pitcher/catcher AT ANY TIME:
  13. Must be the pitcher/catcher of the previous inning;
  14. Runner must be someone who is not presently in the line-up or last recorded out if roster batting.

Rules Applying to 14’s, 15’s and 16’s only:

  1. Team Line ups: Teams may use a nine or ten man line-up with a EH or roster bat. If roster batting all players not currently playing defense are considers to be EH’s They may also use a DH in any line up. Teams may also use a DH and EH in the same lineup.
  2. Designated Hitter (14’s, 15’s, and 16’s only) Federation DH rule is being used.
  3. Bat Regulations (Rule 8.02.E.2): BBCOR Bats Only for 15U and 16U, for 14U BBCOR and 1.15 BPF are allowed

**Note: For the fields with openings down the lines (Lippold, Bonkosky etc). Catch and carry rules apply, but the areas will be considered spectator areas (even if no one is there). If a player catches a ball and stays on his feet he will be required to renter the live ball area before they throw the ball. PENALTY: one base award.

Rules Applying to 11’s, 12’s, and 13’s only:

  1. Line ups: Teams may use a nine or ten man line-up with a EH or roster bat. If roster batting all players not currently playing defense are considers to be EH’s. NO DH allowed.
  2. Bat Regulations: BBCOR or BFP1.15 allowed

*MCYSA Executive Tournament Director has final say on rules interpretation/decision