2017 Bat-Kid Info

The McHenry County Youth Sports Association bat kid program is for local kids (10 years an older) who understand the game of baseball and are available July 21-July 24 and/or July 27-July 30. They would be assigned to an out of town/international 15 year old team participating in the MYCSA Tournament. Parents would be responsible for transporting their child to and from games. Games are held throughout the days and evenings and fields mainly in McHenry Co. Duties would be to attend all (or most) of the assigned teams games, retrieve bats after players bat, and assist the team as needed. A batting helmet is required to be worn while on duty. This is a fun opportunity for local players to see a high level of play while providing local hospitality. Please IM me or contact Carolyn Schofield at Carolyn.schofield@sbcglobal.net or 815-341-2440 for more information.